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Glow Kit

If you're after clearer and brighter skin then you're in luck. We made a powerhouse to help you see the most noticeable results.

Age Defence Kit

You've already had a long day - give yourself a break with the Age Defence Kit.

Complete Skin Kit

The kit covers all bases and contains everything you need to keep your skin looking in tip top condition.

Ageing can be scary

With age comes experience and wisdom...and wrinkles and gray hair.

Not everything about ageing is cause for celebration. But while you might not be able to stop the ageing process, caring for your skin can increase the likelihood that at least your complexion will age somewhat gracefully.

When did I become a product guy?

When you realised it's rewarding to take care of yourself and use more than just a bar of soap.

Vitamin C has been a game changer in the skincare industry for a reason, jump on the bandwagon!

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Skincare tips.

How to expertly build a men's skincare routine

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Health at any age.

Skincare for men in their 20s, 30s and 40s

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Fit your routine.

Men’s Skin Care Regime for Guys In a Hurry

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But isn't a bar of soap good enough?

No — your bar of soap isn't enough to prevent ageing and acne. Let's help you keep the youth not only on your head, but also on that money maker.