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Potential increase in time-to-climax with dapoxetine for PE

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The only licensed medication for premature ejaculation is Priligy® (Dapoxetine). Clinicians can also prescribe other meds “off-label” when appropriate. These PE treatments are clinically proven to help men last longer in bed, no topical sprays or goopy gels required. We call that a win-win.


Traditional Pill

Priligy® (Dapoxetine) for PE

From £8/use

Priligy®️, the branded version of dapoxetine, is the only licensed and clinically approved medication to treat premature ejaculation. It has been shown to increase the time to climax by up to 3 times.


Traditional Pill

Sildenafil for PE

From £2.25/use

Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra®) can be taken as needed to delay ejaculation and improve sexual quality of life.2 Plus, it can help you get another erection more easily after orgasm. Round two?


Traditional Pill

Tadalafil Daily for PE

From £21/month

Tadalafil Daily (the active ingredient as Cialis®) can help improve climax control and overall bedroom performance2. A once-per-day pill that builds up in your system over several days and allows you to be ready for intimacy on your schedule. Being ready to go at any time? Hot.

1. An Update of the International Society of Sexual Medicine's Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Premature Ejaculation (PE); 2. Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors for Premature Ejaculation, U.S. National Library of Medicine; Prescription treatments other than Dapoxetine are not licensed for the treatment of premature ejaculation and available only if prescribed by a healthcare provider after an online consultation. Learn about off-label uses. This page has been medically reviewed by Peter J. Stahl, MD.

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