Hey there, welcome to Hims.

We’re your one-stop shop for advice, consultation and FDA approved products for everything from hair loss and erectile dysfunction, to acne and other issues we guys face.

Hims was built by real guys, many of whom are exceptional in their field in all things men’s health. we have advisors from Stanford and Harvard, who lead departments and research on topics like hair loss, sexual wellness and acne. but more than that, we’re a band of dudes who took that information, and made products based on that science just for you. products that look, smell, and feel great, but that actually work. we’ve put the best of what science and doctors have to offer right at your fingertips. no snake oil here, fellas.

For whatever reason, us guys are allergic to doctors. so we made it easy. like stupid easy. no waiting rooms. no awkward run-ins at the pharmacy.

The point of it all—and the message that’s most important to us—is making sure you realize this one specific thing: having an issue isn’t weird. not dealing with it is weird. That is hims.

Andrew, Founder