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Future you
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Against staggering odds, two things happened: one – the universe, two – you. Let’s walk at our full height, honour the forebears, have a smile, and for god’s sake, floss.

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Hands want something to run through. The wind needs something to mess up. Graciously oblige by doing what you need to do to keep your hair on your head 💁‍♂️

Treat hair loss
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This one is simple. You need erections when you want them, not when it's convenient for your penis 🍆

Treat ED
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Savoir Faire

Save your hair

The best way to tell if you are losing your hair is to keep track of your hairline by periodically taking photos for reference

Learn: how to tell if you’re losing your hair
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The Hims Mission

Create an open and empowered male culture that results in more proactivity around health and preventative self-care.

Hair brush

Classic signs of balding: your hair is acting differently, you're finding hair everywhere, and you see your hair is getting bigger. Do something while you still have some hair!

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