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It’s official. Hims is a hit.

Now after 5 months I’m able to style waves first time in 10 years!  

Bryan, 28

Verified review

After 7 months, I have experienced incredible results and my hair is back.

Tony, 32

Verified review

Cost effective and affordable. My hair keeps growing thicker, fuller, and at a fast rate.

Ryan, 29

Verified review

In just as little over two and half months, I can really see the difference in thickness and in color.

Parbhu, 28

Verified review

It has helped boost my confidence as well as give me a full head of hair to play with. I am so pleased.

Michael, 33

Verified review

I decided to jump right in and I'm so glad I did. I definitely feel ten years younger!

Jesse, 36

Verified review

4-months strong and my confidence boosted back up to 100% using Hims, future me really does thank me.

Giovanny, 23

Verified review

Hims allowed me to walk down the aisle confident and looking great.

Alexander, 32

Verified review

I tried several different options before but Hims combined approach of all four methods by far created the best results.

Brian, 48

Verified review

The results speak for themselves and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Al, 54

Verified review

I notice a huge change in the overall health and fullness of my hairline.

Seth, 27

Verified review

In just as little over two and half months, I can really see the difference in thickness and in color.

Milton, 36

Verified review

Hims has been the greatest confidence boost, no more bald jokes! I look and feel so much younger.

Mike, 34

Verified review

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4.5 average rating

Will S.

Verified review

My confidence has no doubt been boosted and I feel like I’m back in my 20’s again.

Matthew H.

Verified review

I'm more confident, happier and it has brought back a dynamic to my marriage that makes planning date nights exciting again.

Brandon T.

Verified review

Thanks to Hims, I feel like I’m 18 again and my relationship with my girlfriend has never been better... thanks Hims!

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