Stubble to Shaven: Which Facial Hair Style is the Sexiest?

Stubble to Shaven: Which Facial Hair Style is the Sexiest?

Not only are both organisations fighting for noble causes, but they are also giving men an added benefit that’s backed up by research: men and women find men with facial hair more attractive.

How Facial Hair Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re a single male, research from the Journal of Evolutionary Biology shows that your facial hair (or lack thereof) impacts the odds of you attracting a short-term relationship or a long-term partner.

In the study, researchers asked 8,520 women to rate the attractiveness of men with varying levels of facial hair. The result? Beardedness plays a large role in a man’s perceived sex appeal and masculinity.

The majority of women in the study perceived men with stubble as the sexiest and fun—great news for whiskered men who are still playing the field.

Do you look like you could chop wood and build a cabin? Are you also feeling ready for marriage and children? Great, because the results also show that, when it comes to long-term relationships, women prefer men with full beards. The reasoning goes back to our primal instincts: women view men with beards as more mature, manly, aggressive, and most likely to be industrious enough to provide for a family and defend against predators.

While this study didn’t call out mustaches specifically, a recent study from the dating site Plenty of Fish explored what single women thought of men with ‘staches and the results were positive! While the mouth brow sometimes gets a bad rap (unless you’re Tom Selleck), single women find mustaches attractive.

Beard Breakdown: Which Facial Hair Style is Sexiest?

Charity or no charity, we created this handy visual to help you remember what science has taught us about how your facial hair can lead to more flings or a rock-solid relationship.

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