Levitra Cost: What is The Cost of Levitra & Vardenafil?

When it comes to money conversations, pharmaceuticals can be difficult to discuss. Yes, you should get the best price possible — but not at the cost of safety.

Here’s the thing: The natural medications and over-the-counter treatments you get from an online pharmacy might be safe alternatives to the prescription medications you need. However, they come with risks.

Meanwhile, the real stuff (think: FDA-approved medication) is tested rigorously before a pill ever hits your hand.

Want to be safe when taking Levitra®? Use the brand-name medication or generic Levitra the way your healthcare provider said to.

Want to get the best price, understand your costs and know what to expect before you pay? Keep reading for insight.

What Is Levitra (Vardenafil)?

Like Viagra®, Cialis® and other PDE5 inhibitors (short for phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors)that treat erectile dysfunction, Levitra helps the body get and maintain an erection once aroused. 

Erections happen when arousal causes the brain to send a signal to the penis, which translates to the dilation of blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa. 

Blood flows in, and muscles trap this blood inside your penis until you’re done with the deed — at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Erectile function problems — from high blood pressure and nerve damage to anxiety and drug use — can all make the system fall apart.

Levitra works to help blood vessels function normally when certain medical conditions prevent them from doing so.

Levitra side effects do occur. But most people report that, when taken as directed based on their provider’s medical advice, the common side effects are manageable, allergic reactions are rare and sexual activity is fun again.

Avoid mixing vardenafil with nitrates, alpha-blockers, antifungal medications (like itraconazole and ketoconazole) and even grapefruit juice. These substances can mess with the dosage and increase your risk of side effects.

When taken incorrectly, serious side effects like priapism, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and heart attack are possible. Though these effects are rare, you should still keep an eye on how you feel and seek medical attention for chest pain, severe dizziness or painful erections lasting more than four hours.

Otherwise, prescription drugs like Levitra are safe, discreet and conveniently available for pickup at CVS and Walmart. The only issue? The price.

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Levitra Prices

Assuming Levitra is the right erectile function support option for you, you probably want to know how hard it’ll hit your wallet. Spoiler alert: hard.

Levitra prices vary based on numerous factors. Your location, insurance, deductible and access to a passport can present a wild scale from basically paid for to absurdly expensive. (For the record, we don’t condone traveling to another country to get medication.)

But depending on how many private jets you own, these numbers might not be too painful.

Some reliable sources put the current price of brand-name Levitra around $8 a pill for the 20-milligram (mg) dosage or roughly $1,600 for 30 tablets of 2.5-milligram dosage.

Levitra dosage is something you and your healthcare provider will work out after an assessment. From what we’ve seen, there’s one surefire way to cut costs: Go with the generic version.

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Important safety information for Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Tadalafil Daily or Viagra Connect.

Vardenafil Prices 

Generics of Levitra offer better prices and more dosage options because more pharmaceutical producers make the tablets. The more popular the dosage, the more people compete, driving the price down.

For instance, Vardenafil tablets are sold between 2.5 and 20 milligrams. But while the 2.5-milligram dose is relatively expensive at $1,400 for 30 pills, the 5-, 10- and 20-milligram options can dip to the $500 range or below.

Obviously, $500 is a lot for many people. But it’s important to note you probably won’t be taking vardenafil on a daily basis but rather as needed before sexual activity.

Either way, wanting the best price just makes common sense. So how do you get the best price? Check the tips below.

How to Pay the Lowest Price for Levitra

Small differences in the price you pay can really add up, so we understand wanting to nickel-and-dime the system.

Here’s how you can save money on a Levita prescription:

  • Go generic. Brand-name Levitra and generic vardenafil contain the same active ingredient and work the same way — the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requires them to.

  • Talk to your health insurance provider. Though most insurance plans won’t cover ED, some will — and you might qualify. Chatting with a representative about your coverage options could save you a lot of cash.

  • Consider another ED medication. Sildenafil, tadalafil and other generic medications aren’t available over the counter, but they’re sometimes more affordable — and sometimes, a better fit for your needs.

Other Affordable ED Treatments

Various meds and other treatments can help with ED. And while the active ingredients vary, they’re considered similarly effective. 

As mentioned, sildenafil (generic for Viagra) tadalafil (generic Cialis) and avanafil (generic Stendra) could work just as well or even more effectively for your ED needs.

When it comes down to it, your erectile dysfunction might be caused by something you’re not aware of. A healthcare professional can provide guidance and resources to address the thing, whether it’s a poor diet or a need for therapeutic support.

Going to therapy and making improvements to your eating, exercise and sleep habits might be enough to fix your erectile dysfunction issues. Learn more in our ED treatment guide.

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The Bottom Line on Levitra Prices

Even if you’re greenlit by a medical professional to take ED pills, you might have your doubts about Levitra and generic vardenafil — and price may be one of them. We get it. 

Still, context is important for understanding cost. So while prices may vary, you’ll want to keep this in mind when you shop around:

  • ED is a real problem — and a common one. Roughly 30 million men nationwide experience erectile dysfunction in some capacity.

  • Levitra is a prescription medication. Although a generic version is available, the price can be fairly high.

  • Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely cover the cost of Levitra, which can be more than $1,600 in certain dosages for a 30-day supply of the brand name.

  • Buying generic can lower the cost, as can insurance, manufacturer rebates and other strategies.

Want to get the problem under control? Hims offers several ED medications at affordable prices. We even have chewable vardenafil hard mints for guys who aren’t into taking pills.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.

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